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Hello SDSU Global Campus Community,

Please see below the latest update from SDSU President Adela de la Torre.

Since our last communication, the SDSU community has been hard at work planning and preparing for the time when we can re-open our doors, driven by guidance from local health and state governmental authorities.

In the meantime, the SDSU Global Campus team is working remotely. We look forward to assisting you via email or phone. Please continue to visit the SDSU Global Campus COVID-19 webpage for our latest updates.

As always, please contact us with any questions:
• Domestic Community — (619) 594-5821 or
• International/American Language Institute Community — (619) 594-5907 or

Stay up to date with the latest SDSU COVID-19 alerts and information here.

We strongly encourage every member of our community to stay safe and assist in the mitigation of the global COVID-19 pandemic by maintaining healthy habits as recommended by the CDC.


Radhika Seshan


Dear SDSU Community,

I take great pride in how our university community has both responded to and prepared for future challenges. The resolve you have shown is what makes our community strong.

With this campus update, I am sharing a video message with all members of our community:

COVID-19 Outlook

The CSU has extended the travel suspension through July 31. This travel suspension, originally imposed in March, restricts all international and non-essential domestic travel at least through July 31 due both to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and the U.S. Department of State's worldwide travel advisory remaining at a level 4. SDSU is fully supportive of the CSU's decision in the interest of individual well-being and community health. Further, the university reminds all students, faculty and staff to continue following public health guidelines, restricting physical distancing, as well as stay-at-home orders.

Also, while we are seeing improvements in the accessibility and reliability of COVID-19-related data, we still do not have the strongest projections of how COVID-19 may spread in the months ahead. COVID-19 remains poorly understood. It is also apparent that the nation's economy will continue to decline, and the ongoing pandemic will continue to have far-reaching effects for our state. On April 27, we shared SDSU's budget update and financial outlook, and, given the persistent uncertainty with the pandemic, we are preparing for a future, in many ways, unlike our past.

2020 Planning

While so much remains uncertain and unknown, we are taking important actions as a campus community. I have charged several teams representing all areas of the campus to begin preparing for the next academic year, with a particular focus on Fall 2020. This work is occurring in addition to the daily meetings and coordination led by our emergency response team, which has been activated for more than two months.

The newly developed teams, which were organized earlier this month, are modeling and assessing every viable scenario, working in consultation with our county partners and California State University system. While we have not yet decided on instructional delivery for Fall 2020, every promising scenario indicates that we will be able to continue to offer exceptional instruction, maintain our research focus and continue with meaningful community engagement.

In defining our campuswide solutions for Fall 2020 and beyond, our priorities will be to ensure:

  • Continuity in our teaching, research and community support at the highest possible levels;.

  • Continued access for students, including through the offering of robust financial aid and scholarships;

  • Alignment with repopulation frameworks already established by county, state and federal agencies to ensure the safety of our community, respecting physical distancing orders that will remain with us for the indefinite future.

The immersive work of the new teams will continue into the beginning of May. At that point, I plan to announce plans for Fall 2020. These plans will leverage the full creativity of our faculty, our staff, and our region, and all that we will be able to accomplish given a summer to prepare. We will position our university for a strong recovery and repopulation of campus, and to also responsibly steward our financial resources in a wise way for the long term.

I have confidence, no matter the future with COVID-19 before us, that we will continue delivering on our core mission, building community and providing meaningful contributions to improve the lives of our students and the communities we exist to serve.

Adela de la Torre
San Diego State University President

5250 Campanile Drive, San Diego, CA, 92182, United States