SDSU World Campus

Dear SDSU World Campus Community,

San Diego State University and SDSU World Campus are making additional campus changes given coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns. No confirmed cases exist within the SDSU community. As the university and World Campus move towards full virtual instruction, new changes detailed below are meant to help prevent possible spread of COVID-19 while continuing our educational mission.

Tomorrow, Friday, March 13, is the last day for face-to-face instruction for Spring 2020.

The university will pause all face-to-face instruction during the week of March 16–20 to expedite the move to virtual instruction. Classes currently offered online will continue to be offered via their current platforms. There will be no pause to these online classes.

This decision supersedes the previous announcement regarding the move to virtual instruction effective April 6.

SDSU remains fully open; the campus has not closed.

We will be in touch with specific updates by Friday, March 20 as decisions are made regarding virtual instruction for World Campus programs. In the meantime, we encourage you to visit our World Campus COVID-19 web page for ongoing updates and program-specific information.

This is a time to be attentive, prepared, and engaged regarding the steps we need to take as a community as we care for ourselves and one another.


Radhika Seshan

5250 Campanile Drive, San Diego, CA, 92182, United States