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Greetings from San Diego State University!

We are reaching out to let you know about of a few important dates regarding the Fall 2021 semester, as well as share a link to the class preference form you will need to return. First, the important dates for you to remember:

  • Classes for SDSU's Fall 2021 semester begin on Monday, August 23.
  • Registration for your classes begins on Monday, August 16, one week prior to the first day of classes.
  • Orientation for international students in the Semester at SDSU program is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, August 11.
  • We are asking that all Semester at SDSU students submit their Class Preference Form by Friday, June 25.

In the coming months, we will be sending you more information on the semester itself, as well as the orientation for international students leading up to it.

The Class Preference Form lets us know which courses you have an interest in taking. The classes you list does not register you in them, and you are not guaranteed a space in the classes listed. The form is simply for our planning purposes, to let our faculty know which classes are in high demand, and which classes may need special sessions created to accommodate our Semester at SDSU students.

The SDSU Fall 2021 Class Schedule will be released next month, but you are welcome to access the SDSU Fall 2020 Class Schedule to get an idea of the classes that will be offered. Over 3,000 classes are offered each fall, and many repeat from year to year.

Lastly, we'd like to let you know that in addition to waiving the application fee, your tuition payment will not be due until August, as we are trying to be as student-friendly as possible. We are very much looking forward to fall semester, seeing you at orientation, and welcoming you to sunny San Diego!

Chad Schempp
Senior Director of Recruitment,
Business Development, &
International Programs
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