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Greetings from sunny San Diego!

We are actively preparing for a full return to campus with our students this fall and have a few important announcements to inform you of, along with links and email addresses that will be of help to you.

Please take time to read through this email carefully, as it contains information that will help ensure you have a safe and smooth transition to life at SDSU this semester.


  • Government approved vaccinations received by international students in countries outside the U.S. will be accepted at SDSU. Students need to upload a copy of their vaccination card through the university's secure online health portal, called HealtheConnect.
  • To log into your HealtheConnect account, you will need your SDSUid, which was emailed to you soon after you were admitted. If you still have not yet activated your SDSUid, and need assistance, please email
  • Detailed instructions on how to submit your vaccination information can be found here.
  • COVID-19 vaccinations are available on campus to all international students, and at no cost. If you would like to schedule an appointment, click here. Select the Appointments tab and then select "COVID Vaccination Clinic" to search for the next available appointment.
  • Exemptions to the vaccination requirement can be requested for medical or religious reasons. Anyone not submitting a vaccination record will need to be COVID-19 tested regularly. Protocol will be finalized and available in the coming weeks.


  • International students are allowed to arrive 30 days prior to the start of their program. The Semester at SDSU program begins with orientation on August 11, so these students can arrive in the U.S. as early as July 13. Intensive English programs within our American Language Institute (IEC, EAP, UPP) start with orientation on August 18, so these students can arrive in the U.S. as early as July 19.
  • Students in all programs need to check in no later than Friday, September 3, or their F-1 student visa may be considered out of status.
  • Students who want to check in prior to the start of their program can come to the Extended Studies Center (ESC) on campus, located at 5701 Hardy Ave, San Diego, CA 92115. The reception area is located on the 2nd floor, and the phone number is 619-594-5907.
  • To help answer your questions in person, a staff member will be present from 10 a.m. to 2m p.m. (PST), each day, Monday through Thursday, starting July 12.

Points of Contact

  • We will send more details about orientation and checking-in upon arrival in the next couple weeks, but feel free to contact us at any time with other questions you may have, as we are happy to help.
  • For questions pertaining to the Semester at SDSU program, please email Miffy Yuan at
  • For questions pertaining to our intensive English programs, please email Theresa Perales at
  • For questions pertaining to immigration, student visas, or admissions, please email Mike Dietz at
  • For questions pertaining to housing, please email Emma Ryan at
  • For questions pertaining to the COVID-19 vaccination requirement or HealtheConnect login issues, please email

We will keep you updated of any changes that may come up, and are certainly looking forward to seeing you in person at SDSU next month!

Best regards,


Chad Schempp
Senior Director of Recruitment,
Business Development, &
International Programs
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