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Hello from sunny San Diego.

San Diego State University reaffirmed last week that classes and activities this fall will be primarily in-person, and students welcomed back to our reopened campus. We are reaching back out today with even more good news, this time on the topic of COVID vaccinations.

We have learned that free COVID vaccines will be available at SDSU this fall for all students, including international students. This means that students of any nationality who are enrolled in an SDSU Global Campus program, such as Semester at SDSU or an intensive English program, can be vaccinated on campus free of charge.

SDSU is also exploring a number of ways to help keep our community safe this fall — including requiring either proof of vaccination or regular COVID-19 testing for our students. As soon as more details regarding the vaccinations are released, we will email our partners and students an update. You can visit SDSU's COVID-19 Testing and Vaccine Program webpage to learn more about these measures.

We look forward to welcoming you on campus this August!

Best regards,


Chad Schempp
Senior Director of Recruitment,
Business Development, &
International Programs
SDSU Global Campus
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